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June 14, 2017

For Philadelphia Youth: Online Guide to Juvenile Record Expungement

posted by Whiquitta Tobar, Zubrow Fellow

A middle school fight can last forever. Years after the school calls the police and the adolescent goes to court, the record of the incident can continue to affect a young person’s ability to find gainful employment, qualify for college loans, secure housing, or generally move on from the worst moment in her young life. For so many youth, this is their story.

Tags:Access to Education|Community and School Reentry|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|Juvenile Records Expungement|Second Chances
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January 12, 2017

Setting the Stage for Success in 2017: 2016 Year-End Highlights

posted by Executive Director, Susan V. Mangold; Deputy Director and Chief Counsel, Marsha Levick

Happy New Year! While we are preparing to confront new challenges in 2017, we ended 2016 with some important wins in some of our key issue areas: reducing transfer to adult court, ending juvenile life-without-parole and other extreme sentencing, and improving educational access and success for foster youth and justice system-involved youth.

Tags:Access to Education|Cost of Justice|Child Welfare and Foster Care|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP)|Reducing Transfers to the Adult System
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June 23, 2016

Federal Guidance Unveiled to Improve School Success for Foster Youth

posted by Juvenile Law Center

The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services released a new joint guidance about implementation of the foster care school stability provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|State and Federal Legislation
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June 16, 2016

Youth Advocating for Change: Make College a Reality for Us

posted by Juvenile Law Center

This year was another great year for our youth advocates. Both programs were passionate about improving access to higher education for youth in the child welfare and justice systems. Each group developed a unique project that tackled this issue from slightly different angles.

Tags:Access to Education|Youth Fostering Change|Juveniles for Justice|Transitions to Adulthood (Foster Care)|Youth Engagement Programs
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April 29, 2016

How can law and policy support foster youth in college?

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Foster youth have plans for their future similar to all youth: college, vocational school, getting a good job. The vast majority of foster youth face extreme barriers to achieving these aspirations: only half will graduate from high school, and fewer than 10% will earn a bachelor’s degree by the time they turn 25 (compared to 38% of the general population). Law and policy should support foster youth as they prepare for, attend, and complete college or vocational school.

Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|Transitions to Adulthood (Foster Care)
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