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April 29, 2016

How can law and policy support foster youth in college?

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Foster youth have plans for their future similar to all youth: college, vocational school, getting a good job. The vast majority of foster youth face extreme barriers to achieving these aspirations: only half will graduate from high school, and fewer than 10% will earn a bachelor’s degree by the time they turn 25 (compared to 38% of the general population). Law and policy should support foster youth as they prepare for, attend, and complete college or vocational school.

Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|Transitions to Adulthood (Foster Care)
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April 21, 2016

The box that stops some college applicants in their tracks

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Over 600 colleges and universities use the Common Application, which includes a check box asking applicants about any past juvenile crimes. Although research shows that most schools don’t deny admission based on this information, the vast majority of youth with records who see this check box will not complete the college application.

Tags:Access to Education|Ban the Box|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|Juvenile Records Expungement|Second Chances
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April 15, 2016

Diversion programs can help keep youth out of "the system" by preventing arrests

posted by Emily Haney-Caron, JD/PhD Candidate, Juvenile Law Center legal intern

Each year, over 1 million youth are arrested across the country, and 95% of those arrests are for non-violent offenses. Kids are increasingly being arrested by police officers working in schools for behaviors that schools used to handle as routine disciplinary problems: throwing an eraser, chewing gum, or arguing in the hallway. Keeping kids from entering the juvenile justice system is an important step in curbing the flow of the school-to-prison pipeline and making sure kids can get their lives back on track. Diversion programs help keep kids out of the system, and these programs work best when youth are diverted before they’re even arrested.

Tags:Diversion Strategies|Juvenile Records Expungement|Second Chances
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April 12, 2016

What's on our radar this week

posted by Juvenile Law Center

What's on our radar this week? Every Tuesday, Juvenile Law Center gathers the latest studies, reports, and headlines from around the country. Here's what we've been reading.

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April 06, 2016

Pennsylvania must decide: will it be at the head of the class in ensuring quality educational opportunities for foster youth?

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Three bills currently pending in the legislature would not only ensure the effective implementation of ESSA in Pennsylvania, but would also emphasize graduation as an educational priority for students in foster care.

Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|State and Federal Legislation|Transitions to Adulthood (Foster Care)
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