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September 15, 2017

Navigating the Path to a Successful Career: Providing Support for Trauma-Exposed Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

posted by Patrick Took, Juvenile Law Center Legal Intern

Trauma-informed care must be included alongside other career programming so that youth can begin properly preparing gainful employment upon release. If trauma-informed care and job training are implemented successfully, our juvenile justice system can become a real instrument for positive change and rehabilitation.

Tags:Child Welfare and Foster Care|Community and School Reentry|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|Second Chances|Trauma and Trauma Informed Advocacy
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September 13, 2017

Take Action Now: Support Higher Ed Success for Youth in Foster Care, Experiencing Homelessness

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Yesterday, two bills were introduced in Congress to help homeless and foster youth transition successfully to higher education and receive the financial aid and other supports they need to complete their degrees.


Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|State and Federal Legislation
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September 05, 2017

Youth Fostering Change Advocacy Project Uplifts Youth Voice in Court

posted by Juvenile Law Center

Each year our youth advocates in Youth Fostering Change and Juveniles for Justice do amazing work focused on one reform issue, and this year was no different. We’re so excited to share this video featuring YFC’s final project and policy recommendations to empower youth in dependency court hearings.

Tags:Access to Counsel|Youth Fostering Change|Child Welfare and Foster Care|Youth Engagement Programs
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September 01, 2017

Navigating the Path to a Successful Career: New Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities

posted by Elisa Egonu, Legal Intern, and Karen U. Lindell, Staff Attorney

As any high schooler can tell you, finding paid work experiences in today’s economy can be a real challenge. But youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice and foster care systems face a particularly difficult road. In addition to the challenges of system involvement, youth with disabilities often encounter discriminatory attitudes or hiring practices when searching for a job, and they may need additional supports, workplace accommodations, or specialized training to secure and maintain employment. These added hurdles dramatically hinder these young people’s chance of success; research shows that youth and young adults with disabilities are employed at less than half the rate of their non-disabled peers.

Tags:Access to Education|Child Welfare and Foster Care|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|Older Youth with Disabilities|Transitions to Adulthood (Foster Care)
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August 28, 2017

How Do We Respond to Charlottesville?

posted by Marcus Jarvis

In the past decade, America has become incredibly different than it was in the years before. The events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, this month were a disheartening reminder of this country’s past. Watching it put faces to people I usually only hear about and never see. It was a reminder that the stories I read about in history class were real. There is apparently still some fight left in the opposing forces we as a people were triumphant agains

Tags:Child Welfare and Foster Care|Juvenile and Criminal Justice|News and Announcements
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