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Education, Employment, and Finances (8)

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Jobs and Job Training in Pennsylvania

Description: Work permits; job-training programs

Applying for College or the Military with a Juvenile Record in Pennsylvania

Description: Answering college, military, and FAFSA applications; barriers to enlisting

Colleges and Trade Schools in Pennsylvania

Description: Taking the SAT; completing applications

Financial Resources in Pennsylvania When You’re On Your Own

Description: TANF, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Child Care Subsidy, etc.

Getting a GED in Pennsylvania

Description: What to bring to the test; GED vs. high school diploma

Going to School in Pennsylvania

Description: Documents; enrollment; school when you're in placement

Paying for Your Education in Pennsylvania

Description: Grants and scholarships for youth in care

Emancipation, or Living Away From Your Parents (1)

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Emancipation, or Living Away From Your Parents, in Pennsylvania

Description: Emancipation; problems with your parents; living with a friend's family

Fostering Connections to Success Act in Pennsylvania: Older Youth Provisions (2)

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Staying In Care Past Age 18

Description: Reasons for staying in care; activities you need to do to stay in care; who to talk to; what to do if you've left care but have changed your mind

Re-Entering Foster Care After Age 18

Description: Why you should re-enter care; who is eligible; who to talk to.

Reproductive Rights, Pregnancy, and Parenting (7)

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Welfare Benefits For Teen Parents

Description: Eligibility for TANF benefits; the right to claim "good cause" not to identify the father.

Young Women’s Reproductive Rights/Abortion in Pennsylvania

Description: Filing for judicial bypass; assistance paying for abortions

Early Childhood Education and Intervention in Pennsylvania

Description: Head Start and Early Head Start; Early Intervention services

Custody in Pennsylvania

Description: Types of custody; custody orders; filing for custody

Low-Income Child Care in Pennsylvania

Description: Child care subsidies; help with paying for and finding child care

Reproductive Rights for Females Who Are Minors in Pennsylvania

Description: Consent for medical treatment, testing, birth control, and abortions; adoption rights and consent

Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Pennsylvania

Description: Nurse-Family Partnership; WIC; programs for teen parents

Youth in Care (9)

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Teen Parents Who Are In Care

Description: Teen parents' rights, eligible services, and child support. 

Getting and Changing Placements for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania

Description: Your placement rights; how to change your placement; placement requirements

Getting Your Voice Heard in Pennsylvania

Description: Steps to take if you are dissatisfied with your current situation

Immigration Issues for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania

Description: Options and resources for immigrants in care

Legal Representation for Youth in Care

Description: How to identify your lawyer; what your lawyer does

Permanency Plans for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania

Description: What permanency is; types of permanency plans

Placement Rules for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania

Description: Rules on money, discipline, travel, owning a car, dating, and more

Privacy for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania

Description: Who has access to your child welfare, medical records; your privacy rights

Health Care and Insurance for Youth in Care

Description: Health care under age 18; confidential STD, HIV/AIDS testing

Juvenile Records (3)

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Getting a Job with a Juvenile Record in Pennsylvania

Description: Chart of what to answer on applications if you have a juvenile record

Expungement in Pennsylvania

Description: Eligibility for expungement; who can file a petition

Juvenile Records in Pennsylvania

Description: Who can see your record; how and why to destroy it

Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings (5)

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Arrest and Detention in Pennsylvania

Description: What happens when you're in police custody; detainment before your detention hearing

Delinquency Court Proceedings in Pennsylvania

Description: Avoiding and suspending the court process; adjudicatory and disposition hearings; appealing a decision

Privacy in Delinquency Proceedings in Pennsylvania

Description: Confidentiality in hearings; use of juvenile records in adult criminal proceedings

Restitution in Pennsylvania

Description: Paying for the judgment; additional costs

Types of Juvenile Offenses in Pennsylvania

Description: Delinquent acts; summary offenses; juveniles in the adult system

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