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Juvenile Law Center staff are available for comment on a wide range of issues in juvenile law, including but not limited to juvenile life without parole, youth in the adult system, sexting, permanency, and aging out of foster care. 

Executive Director Susan Mangold is a well-published thought leader on children and the law with expertise in community-based research and the child welfare system. Click here to contact Sue. Click here to contact Sue.

Deputy Director and Chief Counsel Marsha Levick is also a co-founder of Juvenile Law Center. She is an advocate for juvenile and women's rights and is a nationally recognized leader in juvenile law with extensive experience in all areas. Click here to contact Marsha.

Associate Director Jessica Feierman is recognized as a national thought leader on a wide range of topics, including: reducing transfers to the adult system; ending solitary confinement, strip searches, and making secure facilities safer for youth; Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) and reducing length of stay; financial costs of the justice systems; and confessions and the reasonable juvenile standard. Click here to contact Jessica.

Senior Supervising Attorney Riya Shah specializes in a variety of work areas, including: juvenile records expungement and sealing, collateral consequences of juvenile records, juvenile sex offender registration, right to counsel, consent to treatment and confidentiality of health care records for minors, transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities in foster care, and permanency and transition planning for older youth in foster care. Click here to contact Riya.

Staff Attorney Kate Burdick focuses on advancing and enforcing the education rights of youth involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. She is an expert on the challenges these youth face in accessing high quality education, evidence-based policies and best practices to improve education outcomes, and career and technical education opportunities for youth in the juvenile justice system. Click here to contact Kate.

As a Skadden Fellow, Karen Lindell's work focuses on improving outcomes for youth with disabilities in foster care and the juvenile justice system. Karen's other areas of expertise include: permanency and transition planning for older youth, access to healthcare, reducing congregate care for foster youth, improving services for older youth with disabilities, and access to career pathways for foster youth. Click here to contact Karen.

Executive Director Emeritus Robert Schwartz co-founded Juvenile Law Center in 1975 and is a national leader in advocating for children's rights and has extensive experience in all areas of juvenile law. Click here to contact Bob.

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