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Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities from the Child Welfare System to Adulthood, 2nd Edition

A Guide for Professionals in Pennsylvania

Juvenile Law Center has published a second edition of its comprehensive guide to transition planning for youth with disabilities.

This guide provides professionals and advocates with information about the legal requirements for meeting the needs of older youth while they are in the child welfare system, and the resources, benefits, and services in the adult-serving system so that they're well prepared when they make the transition to adulthood.

The brand new edition of Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities from the Child Welfare System to Adulthood: A Guide for Professionals in Pennsylvania has been updated to reflect several important changes in the law, including:

  • Pennsylvania’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s extension of Medicaid eligibility to former foster youth until age 26
  • Key provisions of a new federal child welfare statute – the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act – passed by Congress in September 2014
  • Updates to the state’s Home and Community-Based Waiver Programs
  • And more!

To download this and other tools to help youth with disabilities as they transition to adulthood, visit http://www.jlc.org/resources/publications/transition-planning-youth-disa....


Juvenile Law Center Supervising Attorney Jennifer Pokempner
June 2015


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