Juvenile Law Center

How We Are Funded

Juvenile Law Center receives no local, state, or federal money to operate, nor do we charge for our time or services.

Since our founding in 1975, funders across the country have judged Juvenile Law Center to be a worthwhile recipient of support. Individuals, corporations, and foundations from Boston to Seatle, Washington to Los Angeles, have recognized the quality of our work. There are reasons why so many experienced philanthropists have chosen to invest in Juvenile Law Center.

Over the last decade and with careful expansion, Juvenile Law Center's annual budget has more than doubled, growing from $800,000 in FY2000 to $2.2 million in FY2011. Today, with a tightly monitored annual budget of $2.3 million, Juvenile Law Center deploys a team of 19 staff members, including 10 attorneys.

70% of our revenue comes from foundations, 14% - 16% from individuals, corporations, and United Way designated gifts, and the remainder from trainings, publications, speaking events, cy pres awards, and dividend investments.

More than 80% of Juvenile Law Center's revenue is devoted to our core initiatives. 45% - 50% of our funding goes toward work we do nationally.

We have seen small increases in our unrestricted dollars, but even bigger increases in our temporarily restricted dollars. In 2008, we received a one-time grant from the MacArthur Foundation for $500,000. In 2010, we received a one-time gift of $1 million from the William Penn Foundation. We have invested both gifts to build Juvenile Law Center's long-term capacity.

Our challenge in the coming years is to meet our budgets without dipping into reserves that are designed to build our capacity and secure our future.

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One of the most important lessons from our 40 years of experience is that children involved with the justice and foster care systems need zealous legal advocates. Your support for our work is more important now than ever before. Support